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About Kirat Community

Kirat Community Organization of Ohio: A Brief History.

The  Kirat  Community  Organization  of  Ohio,  Inc,  (KCOO)  is  a  non-profit  organization. It  is organized exclusively for  religious,  cultural,  educational and charitable purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code. Some of the main objectives of the organization are as follows.

  • to practice, preserve and promote Kirat religion and culture,
  • to communicate   and   advocate   for   necessary   support   and  assistance  to   the  Kirat community members,
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Our Events


His Holiness Falgunanda Lingden was born in Kartik 25, 1942 B.S. corresponding to November 11, 1885 A.D. in Chukchinamba village, Ilam district, Nepal. At a very tender age of eight years, His Holiness Falgunanda is believed to have acquired special divine powers. Later, he underwent deep meditation and attained enlightenment at the confluence of the […]

Kirat Samjik Mundhum (The Scripture- the Holy Book of the Kirats)

Kirat Samjik Mundhum is the Holy Scripture of the Kirat religion. It is a collection of books consisting of teachings from the first Prophet Yehang to Falgunanda. It is a book of history, religion and philosophy of the Kirat people. According to Kirat Mundhum in the very beginning there was nothing but void. Out of […]

Central Kirat Manghim (Central Kirat Temple)

Realizing that a large number of Kirat population reside in various cities and states in America, respecting their aspiration of having a common place of worship and aiming to achieve objectives of preserving and promoting their distinctly rich cultural heritage, religion, language, script, traditions and indigenous arts and architectures, some crucial rounds of talks and […]