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National Meeting of Kirat Representatives in U.S.A

National Meeting of Kirat state representatives was held at the Kirat Community Center in Akron, Ohio on September 29, 2018. Board members and advisory members of Kirat Community Organization of America (KCOA), representatives from the states and cities as well as members of the Mang Sewa Saba Committee attended the meeting. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss, brainstorm and work out plans on the construction of a Kirat Community Center that would comprise of a National Manghim (i.e. House of God) and a community hall in Akron, Ohio.

Mr. Suk Man Suhang, Chairman of KCOA moderated the meeting. He reiterated the fact that the proposal for the construction of a Kirat Community Center consisting of a Manghim put forward by the Kirat Community Organization of Ohio (KCOO) was unanimously agreed upon and adopted at the 5th National Convention held in Salt Lake City, Utah in June 2018. If all of us make commitments to preserve and promote our Kirat identity we should be able to build a National Manghim in Akron, Ohio, without much difficulty, he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Aita Chokhang from Dallas , Texas offered to KCOO a beautiful statue of Muhigum Angsi Falgunanda​(click here for the picture) that he made with his own hands. It was received with a standing ovation and a big applause.

Mr. Sun Man Saba, Chairman of Kirat Community Organization of Ohio (KCOO), welcomed all the participants to the meeting. He said that the KCOO initiated the possibility of construction of Manghim in Akron since 2012. Kirat Community Center Construction Committee (KCCC Committee) was formed in early 2016. A proposal letter​along with a copy of the policy guideline​with an intent to build a Manghim in Akron, Ohio was sent to the KCOA Chairman requesting for assistance in the project just before the National Convention was held in Dallas, Texas in 2017.

Dr. Naresh Laoti Subba presented a concept paper​(click here for the concept paper) regarding the construction of Kirat Community Center comprising of a National Manghim and a community hall. He talked about the proposed shape, size, design, zoning issues, planning, funding resources, construction, inauguration and management of the property thereafter. He said it is very important to build a unique physical structure as a symbol of Kirat identity. This will help preserve and promote Kirat religion, culture and values.

Mr. Dhan Man Lingden, Secretary of KCOA pointed out that KCOA needed to communicate more effectively about its significance to the public.

Several people spoke on the occasion including Mr. Mon B Lingden (Michigan), Mr. Mandhoj Thulung (Cincinnati, OH), Mr Raju Idhingo (Nebraska), Mr. Mon Rai (Chairman, Harrisburg, PA), Mr. Karna Rai (Scranton, PA), Mr. Harkapal Sanyak (Rochester, NY), Mr. Man Libang

(Chairman, Louisville, KY), Mr. Suk B. Chamling (Buffalo, NY), Mr Damber Chamling (Chairman, Utah), Mr. D.K. Yamphu (Columbus, OH), Mr. Garja Man Dewan (Pittsburgh, PA), Mr. Sha B Dungmaili (Chairman, TN), Mr. Sancha Raj Lingen (Treasurer, Arizona), Mr. Suk Lal Tumsa (Pittsburgh, PA), Mr. Harka Begha (Vermont), Mr. Birkha Sampang( Chairman, Nebraska), Mr. Bahadur Subba (Advisor, KCOA), and Mr. Rajan Rai (Chairman, GA). They expressed their strong unwavering support for the project and expressed their views on how to best approach it in terms of fundraising and mobilizing the financial resources.

Mr. D.J. Khaling, Chairman of the meeting and Chief Advisor of KCOA, said that the Kirat National Manghim in America is essential for our identity. The grand assembly gathered today brings us one step closer to realizing that goal, he said. Our next step is to acquire the budget, decide the time span, find out the proper manpower, think about the legal aspects, and plan for the post construction management. He suggested various methods of raising funds, viz., conventional method of collection, voluntary contributions, raffle draw, loan, and so on.

The meeting successfully concluded with the formation of three committees.

1). Kirat Community Center Planning Committee or in short and for convenience National Manghim Planning Committee​consisting of seven members as follows.

  1. Suk Man Suhang
  2. Sun Man Saba
  3. J Khaling
  4. Naresh Laoti
  5. K. Songben
  6. Raju Idhingo
  7. Prakash Mangpan
  • State Co-ordination Committee

The Committee consists of all the coordinators/chairmen of all states and cities. This committee shall function under the supervision of KCOA.

  • Steering committee.

This committee is formed solely by the Kirat community members residing in Ohio. The committee is charged with the actual task of building the Manghim- including the acquiring the land, overseeing the construction process, inspecting, recording and maintaining all the construction related aspects of the Manghim.