His Holiness Falgunanda Lingden was born in Kartik 25, 1942 B.S. corresponding to November 11, 1885 A.D. in Chukchinamba village, Ilam district, Nepal. At a very tender age of eight years, His Holiness Falgunanda is believed to have acquired special divine powers. Later, he underwent deep meditation and attained enlightenment at the confluence of the rivers Fulungi and Mai in the Ilam district of

Nepal. His Holiness Falgunanda served eight years in the army under the 7 Rifles Gurkha Battalion in India. His Holiness Falgunanda served eight years in the army
under the 7 Rifles Gurkha Battalion in India.
His Holiness Falgunanda traveled far and wide spanning from Nepal to India and Bhutan
preaching the importance of Truth. Because of emphasis on Truth he was lovingly referred to as
“Satya Hangma” meaning “the Queen of Truth”.
His Holiness Falgunanda is widely known for introducing the Kirat Samjik Mundhum (Holy
Scripture) in the written form and spreading Kirat religion and philosophy to a broader audience.
He is remembered for his outstanding socio-cultural and religious messages in the Kirat society.
He emphasized on education as a means of acquiring knowledge leading to the ultimate truth to
the realization of God. He asked people to stop drinking alcohol. He told them not to engage in
superstitious beliefs and to stop making animal sacrifices in the name of God. He stressed on
living a simple and a truthful life. He asked his followers to believe in nothing but one true God,
Tagera Ningwabhu Mang. He built many Manghims (i..e house of the God)- for the believers to
meet, pray, worship and meditate- the only means to salvation from the vicious cycle of birth and
His Holiness Falgunanda is popularly known as Maha Guru, meaning the Great Teacher. He is
revered in Kirat society as Muhigum Angsi Mang, meaning a Saint or Prophet, He is, thus,
regarded as to have given continuity to the historical tradition of Muhigum Ongsi lineage that
started way-back from Yehang in the ancient times to Sodhungen Lepmuhang, Kandenhang,
Lasahang, Mabohang, Sambanghang, Yet-Inghang, Vedohang, and Sirijongahang- in the 18th
century-the most recent one before Falgunanda.
His Holiness Falgunanda is believed to have performed numerous miracles during his lifetime.
His holiness Falgunanda Lingden passed away peacefully on Chaitra 22nd, 2005 B.S.
corresponding to April 4th, 1949 A.D. He has been conferred the title of Rastriya Bibhuti of Nepal (National Hero/Personality/Luminary) by the Royal Government of Nepal in recognition of his contributions to the pride of the nation.