Kirat Samjik Mundhum (The Scripture- the Holy Book of the Kirats)

Kirat Samjik Mundhum is the Holy Scripture of the Kirat religion. It is a collection of
books consisting of teachings from the first Prophet Yehang to Falgunanda. It is a book
of history, religion and philosophy of the Kirat people. According to Kirat Mundhum in the
very beginning there was nothing but void. Out of his will power, God created the
universe and everything in it. He created the Earth along with both living and nonliving
things on it. Finally He created human beings and blessed them to grow and multiply and
rule over the world. As time passed people spread far and wide. They forgot the rules
and regulations that God laid down upon them. They didn’t recognize each other. They
committed incest and adultery. They fought and killed each other. They began to behave
like animals. They forgot God and the word of God. They sinned against God’s will.
That’s when the first Prophet Yehang was born. It was him who first introduced the Kirat
script and wrote down the first religious texts. Long time after him, the second Prophet
Lepmuhang was born during the time of the Great Deluge. History has it that he saved
all those people who believed his prophecy from the deluge in a boat. He also saved
each pair of species of animals and birds from the deluge. He taught people to believe
and have trust in God in whatever circumstances and make a righteous living. Long after
the Great Deluge came the third Prophet Kandenhang, Then came the fourth Prophet
Mabohang followed by the fifth Prophet Sirijangahang who it is said to have  rediscovered the Kirat script which had disappeared long time ago due to which people
were devoid of religion, knowledge and wisdom. About two centuries later was born the
sixth Prophet Falgunanda in 1885 AD in Nepal. He had his disciples rewrite the
Mundhum in the Kirat script. Currently we have His Holiness Atmananda joining the
lineage of “Ongsi”. He was born in 1954 in Nepal. He continues to spread the message
of truth, love, peace and unity all over the world.