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His Holiness Atmananda Lingden ”Se-ing”

Born in Mangsir 18th, 2011 BS according to the Nepali Calendar corresponding to December 3rd, 1954 in the Gregorian Calendar, in Ibhang village in the Ilam district of Nepal, His Holiness Atmananda Lingden ‘Se-ing’ is believed to be the reincarnation of His Holiness Falgunanda Lingden. He has stated that his main task during his lifetime is to continue to work and complete the mission started by His Holiness Falgunanda, i.e to achieve global peace, human unity and well being of all living things. He has said, “I was concerned only for my awakening, but after attaining the Samadhi (i.e enlightenment) , Tagera Ningwabhu Mang (the Supreme God) assigned me to complete the work started by Falgunanda”.

His Holiness Atmananda attained enlightenment when he was eight years old at Fulungi, also known as Sadhu Gufa (i.e., yogi- cave) that lies at the confluence of the three rivers, viz., Dev Mai, Mekwa Mai, and Mai in Ilam.

Under the guidance and supervision of His Holiness Atmananda several books on Kirat Mundhum have been edited and published. Many Kirat temples have been constructed and consecrated. Numerous social, cultural and religious programs have been launched, as well as national and international conferences have been organized to promote peace, mutual understanding and unity in the global society. The hermitage of His Holiness Atmananda located in Larumba is a sacred place. It has been developed into a pilgrim and learning center at Mangsebung. People from Nepal and the neighboring countries such as India, Bhutan, Burma and also the seekers from around the world travel to this place to pay homage and receive his blessings. It has become a de facto center of learning of Kirat religion, philosophy, culture, traditions and customs. His Holiness Atmananda Lingden is lovingly and respectfully known among the believers by the name of Muhigum Angsi Atmananda Lingden Se-ing; where Se-ing (pronounced assay-ing) means “messenger of good news”.